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The Annual Election Period is around the corner!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

With all of the insurance companies gearing up for the upcoming year, you might be feeling anxious about the changes happening to your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug policy. Don't worry, we have you covered.

If you are currently enrolled as a member in a Medicare Advantage plan, next year, there will most likely be some changes to the plan's costs and benefits. Make sure to review your Annual Notice of Change ("ANOC") booklet.

This will tell about the changes. 


1.- ASK us which changes apply to you.

It's important to review your coverage now to make sure it will meet your needs next year.

2.- CHECK the changes to your current plan benefits and costs to see if they affect you.

  • Do the changes affect the services you use?

  • Check to see if your doctors and other providers will be in the network you prefer next year.

  • Are your doctors in our network?

  • What about the hospitals or other providers you use?

  • How much will you spend out-of-pocket for the services and prescription drugs you use regularly?

  • How much will you spend on your premium and deductibles?

  • Look in the Annual Notice of Change for information about benefit and cost changes for your plan.

3.- CHECK your prescription drug coverage to see if any changes affect you.

  • Will your drugs be covered?

  • Are your drugs in a different tier, with different cost-sharing?

  • Do any of your drugs have new restrictions, such as needing approval before you fill your prescription?

  • Can you keep using the same pharmacies?

  • Are there changes to the cost of using this pharmacy?

  • Review the 2020 Drug List for your plan and look in the plan booklet for information about changes to your drug coverage.

4.- THINK about whether you are happy with your plan.

5.- COMPARE with other plan choices.

  • Check coverage and costs of plans in your area.

  • Use the personalized search feature on the Medicare Plan Finder at website. Click "Find health & drug plans".

  • Review the list in the back of your Medicare & You handbook.Once you narrow your choice to a preferred plan, confirm your costs and coverage on the plan's website.

  • How do your total plan costs compare to other Medicare coverage options? 

Remember... You have from October 15 until December 7 to make changes to your Medicare coverage for next year.

We can discuss all of these important points in a one-on-one appointment, over the phone or at one of our seminars

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